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Ar. Harish Padia

Maverick Architects: A Sustainable Approach to Architectural Design or Young Professionals Flocking to Pune Spark Growth in Architecture and Design Maverick Architects, Pune is a multi-disciplinary firm rendering architectural services with a sustainable approach. We have designed a wide arena of architectural projects from hospitals and commercial offices to residential bungalows and also completed various […]

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Ar. Anupriya Khadye

Title- Creation with Emotions Design is a captivating voyage, intertwined with emotions, creation, and, undoubtedly, the essence of profound quotations. As I delve into the realm of the designing field, I encounter a significant and enthralling aspect of interiors—the empty spaces that gradually articulate themselves through the language of shapes, colors, and themes. Witnessing the

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Amit Joshi

Growth Spurt Of Furniture Design Industry In India – Ek Design Keeping It Simple And Stylish  A: Upcoming Trends in the Furniture Industry – Indian Design, with the addition of artisanal work like Cane weaving, is a trend that’s definitely here and will be around for a while. The overall aesthetic of Furniture Design in

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Vivek Godse

Have you e(i)nsured that your family can stay in the same property?   Most people who buy their first residential property opt for a housing loan. Let’s say Vivek buys a flat for Rs one crore. He pays Rs 40 lakhs from his source. He raises a 60 lakhs housing loan from a financial institution

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Sarabjeet Kukreja

Co-living in India: A Solution to the Challenges of Population Growth and Urbanization The Indian population is expected to surpass that of China, presenting both challenges and opportunities for growth. Co-living (community living) involves communal living, where individuals share spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, balconies, and private bedrooms. Co-living spaces can be shared apartments,

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Chaitanya Raje

Vishrambaug Wada:- A Historical Marvel Of Pune Vishrambaug Wada is a historical building located in the heart of Pune City. It was constructed during the Peshwa Supremacy and has played a significant role in the history of the city ever since. The Wada has been beautifully conserved over time and serves as an excellent illustration

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Abhay Kumar

Real Estate Job Opportunities for Freshers India’s real estate sector is experiencing exponential growth and is poised to become a 1 trillion USD market by 2030. The construction of residential complexes, commercial hubs, offices, warehouses, and convention centers indicates the industry’s continuous expansion. This growth not only presents opportunities for the industry itself but also

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Vinit Parmar

 Vinit Parmar Parmar Constructions and Properties  We have been in the Real Estate and Construction business for over four decades, having built residential and commercial projects. Since childhood, I wished to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and become a successful Chartered Accountant (CA). But, as I went deeper into the CA Course and was just

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CA Anand Chandak

Lower Tax Deduction Certificate in case of NRI’s selling property in India TDS Applicability On Property Sale Transactions By Non Residents (NRIs) As per Indian Tax Laws, TDS provisions apply on various financial transactions in India. TDS is also applicable on Property Sale Transactions in India. In relation to property sale matter, If the seller is

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