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About Us

About Us

Launched in 2022, each issue of the magazine consists of featured articles, real estate sector updates, and insightful interviews covering the entire gamut of Projects, Infrastructure, Architectural Designs, Interiors, Equipment, Technologies, New Products, Building Material Prices, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Safety, Tenders, Contracts, and every other essential real estate and supplementary activities. It analyses the residential, commercial, retail, and industrial real estate market. It features major developments in the industry, prevailing issues, and market trends. It also offers an in-depth analysis of the Real Estate, Building & Construction, Architecture, and Interior Designing industries. The magazine addresses, informs, and educates all stakeholders of the industry, from the developers to the end-user consumers.


Our objective behind this initiative is to share knowledge, statistics, and analysis regarding real estate market and help in making the buying decision of every buyer easy. We also to provide visibility to individuals, entities, and stakeholders that contribute to India’s real estate ecosystem with their expertise. These include developers, channel partners, and individuals working in real estate supplementary businesses, such as, architects and interior designers, among other allied services.

Our Team

1. Umesh Pawar Photo

Umesh Pawar

Founder,CEO & Publisher

2. Chaitanya Joshi

Chaitanya Joshi

Co-Founder & Chef. Editor

3. Mubarak Ansari

Mubarak Ansari

Founder, Punekarnews

4. Chaitanya Raje

Chaitanya Raje

Associate Director

5. Maitrayee Kulkarni

Maitrayee Kulkarni

Associate Director

Advisory Board

Ashish S. Joshi

Ashish Joshi

2. Shantilal Kataria

Shantilal Kataria

3. Abhay Kumar

Abhay Kumar

4. Akshay Gaikwad

Akshay Gaikwad

5. Mahesh Ghorpade

Mahesh Ghorpade

6. Shekhar Mate

Shekhar Mate

7. Prasad Ganpule

Prasad Ganpule

8. Gaurav Srivastav

Gaurav Shrivastav

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