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Jaatin Suratwwala – The Suratwwala Business Group Ltd: A Story of Triumph Through Adversity

As Jaatin Dhansukhlal Suratwala, the Managing Director and Chairman of Suratwwala Business Group Ltd, sits down to talk about his journey, one can sense the passion and emotion in his voice. The Suratwwala Business Group Ltd was founded in 2008 by Jaatin and his Family Members, and since then, they have been actively involved in the Real Estate field. From humble beginnings, the Suratwwala Business Group has come a long way, and today, it is recognized as one of the top-performing companies in the Real Estate Sector.


The journey has been anything but easy. After completing his Degree in Metallurgy, he had to work in various fields due to family issues. However, he never gave up on his dreams and started his own businesses in various fields, including FMCG Trading. It was through a friend’s recommendation that got a business opportunity in Real Estate. Instead of just investing in the project, he sought a business partnership, and that marked the beginning of his journey in the Real Estate Sector.


Dedication and aspirations are, what set the great apart from the merely good. Such is the philosophy of Jaatin Suratwwala, the ingenious businessman and Founder of Suratwwala Business Group Ltd. Jaatin has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his dreams, turning them into a resounding success story in the Real Estate Industry. His unwavering pursuit of excellence earned his company the prestigious ‘Top Performer’ Award from BSE SME in 2021. The Suratwwala Business Group has been actively involved in the Real Estate Sector since 2004, and today, it has become a household name in Pune, Maharashtra. The Company is the only Real Estate player in Pune that has been listed in the SME segment since 2020, and its shares have gone from being priced at Rs. 15 to Rs. 175.


The Suratwwala Business Group’s Hinjewadi Project is a testament to Jattin Suratwwala’s vision and dedication. With a total of 7 lac sq.ft., this Commercial Project is being developed in phases, with the first phase being delivered four years ago, and the last phase being launched recently. The entire project is set to be completed by 2026-27. This project is a prime example of Suratwwala’s commitment to deep learning of the business ecosystem and placing the customer at the center of all operations. By understanding what the customer wants and delivering on those expectations, Suratwwala has gained the trust and loyalty of customers, cementing the Suratwwala name as synonymous with reliability and customer satisfaction in the Real Estate Industry.


Jaatin’s intellectual prowess and innovative spirit were put to the test when he launched the Company’s first project, the redevelopment of a small 2000 sq. ft. plot. Undaunted by the challenge, Jattin embraced it with open arms, and the project was a resounding success. From there, his Company took off, with the development of a gated community of more than 225 villas in Kasaar, Amboli, as well as a resort and villas in Temghar, near Lavasa. The company is also venturing into the field of Solar Energy through Suratwwala Natural Energy Resource (launched in 2023), providing net metering and contracting services.


Jaatin’s principles of deep learning the business ecosystem and keeping the customer at the center have been crucial to his success. He is acutely aware of what his customers want and expect, and he delivers on those expectations. His philosophy of keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront of every project has been key to his success. Jaatin has stated, “Our real income is the happiness on the customer’s face when he gets possession of his house.”


The Real Estate Industry has undergone significant transformations in recent years, with the introduction of transparency measures like MAHARERA. Jaatin supports such measures, stating that they have increased reliability and reduced instances of cheating, ultimately benefiting both, the industry and the customer.


Jaatin Suratwwala’s success story is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs and those aspiring to enter the Real Estate Industry. His journey from a Metallurgical Engineer to the Founder and Chairman of Suratwwala Business Group is a testament to his perseverance and commitment. Jaatin’s advice to new entrepreneurs is to be cautious in taking risks and manage cash flow effectively. He believes that over-trading is the only chance of failure in Real Estate and advises taking only as much risk as one can handle. As he puts it, “keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, while you look towards the sky.” Jaatin advocates hard work and trust in the process, even when faced with challenges. He believes that every loss is a gain and treats all his mistakes and losses as experience points. “Every challenge is an opportunity,” he says, “and I have learned from every one of them.” For Jaatin, the core values of trust, quality, and commitment are crucial to succeeding in the Real Estate Industry. By keeping the Customer at the center of all operations and delivering on their expectations, he has gained their trust and loyalty.


In conclusion, Jaatin Suratwwala’s story is one of hard work, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He has shown that with a strong vision and a commitment to customer satisfaction, anything is possible. As the great Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” And Jaatin has undoubtedly taken that first step, leading his Company – Suratwwala Business Group Ltd. towards a brighter and more prosperous future.


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Mr. Jaatin Dhansukhlal Suratwwala

Managing Director and Chairman


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