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Pune Real Estate Market

Pune is known as a Cultural City and an Educational Hub of India. Since 1998 IT Sector started in Pune and the Real Estate Market in Pune got a boost with many Residential and Commercial Real Estate opportunities. When COVID wave was in its severe stage the work-from-home concept was started, due to spending a lot of time at home people needed wider living spaces and a separate special workspace for their work-from-home, so there was a big boom in the market for buying Bigger Homes.

Redevelopment Work

In 2021, the Government changed some norms about the FSI. It has increased the Redevelopment opportunities in Pune. In several areas of the City the buildings are older than 20 to 25 years. The owners & occupants of these old buildings are going for redevelopment so that they can get bigger and more modern homes. As the FSI Norms changed Builders and Developers got a good opportunity to construct more. Also increasing the FSI and Height of the old building saves agricultural lands.

About Us

We are a Construction & Interior Construction Company with a keen focus on delivering quality & setting benchmarks, backed by a strong track  record in interiors for high end Bungalows, IT Parks,  Hotels, Residential Flats, etc.

Our Strengths

Total 25000 sq. ft. of coup lock system shuttering material, fully skilled labour & state-of-the art tools & tackles required for top notch work. Skilled team of Interior Works.

Our Services

  • Residential & Commercial Construction
  • Bungalows (Civil & Interior Works)
  • Fit Outs of Commercial Buildings, Hotels, IT Parks
  • Industrial Works
  • BOQ and Estimation
  • Consultant Coordination & Management
  • Site Inspection

We hold a Building Design Open License & a broad knowledge of building legislation, with the experience & expertise to undertake & successfully deliver all commercial & residential projects.

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Mr. Deepak Prabhakar Saraf


Deepak Saraf Associates ( From Conception To Creation )

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