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CREDAI Pune Metro orchestrated a remarkable D2C event 2024

Pune: Thursday April 4, 2024: CREDAI Pune Metro orchestrated a remarkable D2C event yesterday, a Game-Changer for the Real Estate Industry, leaving the real estate fraternity in awe. Supported by the Professional Realtors of Pune (PROP) and other brokers associations this event has set a new standard for collaboration and innovation said Darshan Chawla, President PROP.

D2C aimed to bridge the gap between developers and realtors. By fostering direct interactions, it empowered real estate professionals to better serve homebuyers. The initiative recognizes the pivotal role realtors play in guiding buyers through the property purchase journey.

Kishen Milaney, Chairman of PROP said, in 2023, the Indian real estate landscape experienced a transformation. Improved homebuyer sentiments led to higher housing registrations and contributed to a robust GDP growth rate. The industry’s focus on meeting homebuyers’ needs has been pivotal in shaping this positive trend. PROP’s commitment to social responsibility and consumer-centric initiatives positions it as a beacon of progress in Pune’s real estate sector. As we move forward, the D2C model promises to revolutionize the industry, benefiting both realtors and homebuyers alike, he added.

In a significant move toward enhancing professionalism and accountability in the real estate industry, PROP the premier body of realtors in Pune initiated a drive to establish a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO). The goal is to organize and streamline real estate services, ensuring transparency, ethical practices, and consumer confidence, added Darshan Chawla.

A Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) represents a specific segment of entities within an industry. It sets and enforces rules, standards, and codes of professional ethics for its members.
Internationally and nationally, SROs play a crucial role in maintaining industry integrity and protecting consumer interests, said Kishen Milaney. In no time, interested realtors filled up the membership forms and showed their willingness to be part of the PROP SRO, for organizing realty and better client services.

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