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Pune Secures Second Safest City Title in India: NCRB Report

Pune Secures Second Safest City Title in India: NCRB Report Pune has emerged as the second safest city in India, according to the latest findings from the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB). Surpassing many counterparts, the city clinched the high ranking in safety, trailing only behind Kolkata, which retained its position at the top. The city’s ascent to this safety position amidst daily occurrences of various crimes has raised eyebrows, prompting questions about the recording or prevalence of crimes in other regions. Despite this, Pune has consistently maintained one of the lowest recorded crime rates across the country, as outlined in the recent NCRB report. In efforts to enhance safety, Pune introduced innovative measures that notably improved the security and protection of its residents, particularly women. Initiatives such as the ‘All Women Damini Squad’ aimed at safeguarding women, including those in educational institutions, while ‘Operation All Out’ by the criminal branch focused on preventing crimes and ensuring women’s safety in public spaces, streets, and homes. The city’s emphasis on safety encompasses various aspects, including robust infrastructure, efficient transportation, and vigilant security services. Pune’s cosmopolitan nature fosters diversity and acceptance, with a populace known for its hospitality and willingness to assist those in need, especially women. With a bustling nightlife and an influx of people from diverse backgrounds, Pune also serves as a base for the military, further contributing to a sense of security for its inhabitants. Moreover, Pune’s reputation as an educational hub attracts women from across the country, offering top-tier institutions and accommodations tailored to their needs. The city’s well-developed transportation infrastructure, comprising a mix of public and private modes, ensures convenient and safe commuting, with a strong emphasis on respecting female passengers. Acknowledging the paramount importance of women’s safety, the Pune police have taken proactive steps, including the launch of a dedicated helpline for women and senior citizens in distress. Women-only buses and train compartments have been introduced, underscoring the city’s commitment to prioritizing safety for all its residents. As Pune continues to evolve and grow, its focus on safety measures, coupled with its inclusive environment and proactive law enforcement, solidifies its position as one of India’s safest cities, offering its residents a secure and conducive living environment making Pune a standout city in terms of safety in the country. ~ By Manish Khadilkar, Co-Founder & Mentor  
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