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Dr. Atul Goel

Buying Real Estate – How to become a King!

There is a lot of material about Real Estate floating around the internet. We hear of people like Warren Buffet, who made his billions through investing in real estate. We come to find that King Charles III, for example, is so very rich because he is the largest owner of real estate in the world. All very interesting. But, what does that really mean to the average person who is neither Warren Buffet, nor King Charles?

In my book, Real Rich, there are some amazing insights for you to discover. In this book, I reveal to you that in today’s world, each one of us CAN become a King!

The book takes us on a very interesting journey through our shared human past. Public memory is notoriously short. And it would not be surprising if we thought that we, as ordinary citizens, have always had the right to simply get up, apply for a loan, and buy a piece of real estate. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As I enumerate in the book, the right to own real estate is a very recent development in history. Did you know for instance, that up until 1925, the common man was forbidden from buying land? I’ve taken this point of view for this book as it is a lens through which real estate is rarely seen and is in stark contrast to the other conversations in the industry.

Real estate, when seen from the viewpoint of human evolution, is the single greatest tool of empowerment that has been made available to the average human being. As I say in the book:

That freedom we take for granted, the freedom to go out, scout around the city, look through websites, compare notes, dilly-dally, waste time before we make a decision, and then go and buy a home… that freedom is a NEW one! We would never have had it. Right up until very recently.”

Do we see what a huge evolutionary advantage we now have? With great luck we are born in this day and age when no one can tell us that we cannot own real estate. We have access to credit. We have a whole industry that is working day and night to provide us with safe, well-designed, sustainable, viable options of homes and other real estate that we can choose from. And what do we do with this enormous, historical privilege? We let it slip out of our hands. We waste time, dithering about making a decision. We take advice from people with no expertise. … Your time is now. Go, Become KING!

What are you waiting for? There is no time left to waste!



                                                                                                            Dr. ATUL GOEL

                                                                                                            MD – Goel Ganga Group

                                                                                                            Author – REAL RICH

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