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Bharat Daga

 You must be wondering how networking is connected with a tree? Well, Read on and see how even nature shows us in its infinite wisdom how growth is connected with your network.


One of the tallest trees in the world is a tree called the “Chinese Bamboo”.  This tree grows to a height of 80 feet or so. It takes the tree almost 5 years and 3 months to grow to its full height.

Here is the fun fact – for the first 5 years, this tree only grows less than 1 feet tall. It shoots up from 1 feet to all of 80 feet in just the next 90 days.

So, what is it doing for the first 5 years? – It is building its NETWORK of roots under the ground so that it can support the entire tree.

I believe there is no better way of learning than by nature and even nature teaches us that for achieving the best of things, we need a network to support the same like the Chinese bamboo shows us.

So, what if we became impatient in between and removed the tree and tried to check as to why it was not growing? Would it grow any faster? Not really and in fact it might just slow the growth or kill the tree.

So if your networks are not working as you wanted them to, finding a new network or a new set of friends or people seems like a solution at times instead of taking the efforts to deepen our relationships and invest better time there to help them grow faster.

This is the network who will help you to achieve your goals in life.

So, we need to choose the set of people we network with carefully rather than randomly and we need to

make sure these set of people become your referral partners across time. You need to feed and cultivate such relationships and then wait for them to grow and bloom just like any farmer.



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