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Growth Spurt Of Furniture Design Industry In India –

Ek Design Keeping It Simple And Stylish 

A: Upcoming Trends in the Furniture Industry –

Indian Design, with the addition of artisanal work like Cane weaving, is a trend that’s definitely here and will be around for a while.

The overall aesthetic of Furniture Design in India is heading towards its roots with more use of traditional materials and techniques.

This is evident in the recent emergence of Bamboo furniture or, as popularised by European designers, Rattan furniture, which is making a comeback to modern households.

The user is also more knowledgeable about materials and finishes and is more keenly looking at every detail of the furniture they are looking to buy. This is giving rise to more homegrown, local brands that are providing all these qualities along with original designs

B: Buying Tips –

An Indian household typically goes through the cycle of furniture in about 10-12 years, so it becomes of utmost importance that furniture not only looks good but also lasts the test of time.

Knowing what material was used in making the furniture is the ultimate factor that decides the longevity of the furniture piece.

Be more alert when reading descriptions of products online that say “Teak Finish” or “Walnut Finish”. As the term itself states, these are just finishes on top of the material that is used for making the structure. This means the structure could be made out of any material and finished to look like a durable material, which will not last in the long run.

Another easy tip is to just turn over the furniture piece and look at the quality of finish on areas that won’t be visible normally. This shows the furniture makers’ intent on things that are not going to be visible or used in their daily use but have still been paid attention to by the maker.

If a furniture piece has been well finished from the underside, it’s probably going to be a good one since care and attention has been taken to finish even parts of it that won’t show in its everyday use.

Brands in Pune –

Ek Design

SAR Studio

C: Message to new or growing entrepreneurs –

The furniture industry is set to grow very well in the coming decades and our likeness toward more Indian Made things is going to give it a major push in the right direction.

That being said, there’s enough market or audience for every possible range or line of products as long as the offering is of its absolute best quality. It is important to remember that the customer today is a travelled and well-read individual with much more knowledge than previously known.

Another important lesson to learn or know right, in the beginning, is the importance of meeting timelines. A commitment to timely delivery has been one of the biggest requirements. The furniture industry is largely unorganised and being an organised and disciplined company surely helps you stand out from the competition

About Ek Design: We are a furniture design studio based in Pune, Maharashtra, with our own manufacturing unit located at Vadgaonsheri. Since our inception in 2016, we have manufactured over 10,000 pieces of furniture consisting of a multitude of materials like Metal, Solid Wood, Cane Work and Upholstery.

Our design philosophies revolve around simple forms and minimalism paired with the responsible use of materials. Our strength lies in fine woodworking, which is depicted in our selection of products.

All our processes, right from sourcing materials to the final finishing of the product, are in-house, which ensures total quality control at every step.

Honesty and transparency are values intrinsically built into our DNA, and we take all measures necessary to ensure the same is reflected in our work.

Prajwal Degwekar – Founder

Abhimanyu Sarkar – Head of Sales and Business Development

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