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Yash Bhatia

Navigating the Challenges of Real Estate: An Entrepreneur’s Story


All my life, growing up, I had witnessed most of my friends and family working in Real Estate in some capacity or the other. Whether it was developing, contracting or broking, I had seen it all around me since a very young age. I never had any inclination to enter this field, but life surely had other plans. 

Three years ago, by sheer luck, I made my first transaction of leasing a shop, and ever since then, there has been no looking back. When I started in Real Estate, I did not realize how challenging this line of work could be for any young individual. However, throughout my journey, I also came across some very inspiring people who guided me and helped me better understand the nuances of this field. My interactions with my senior colleagues, as well as my friends and family, have taught me how to take a transaction forward with integrity while having no discrepancies with our Clients.

For me, any transaction is more than a sale. It is not only about understanding the Client’s requirements, but also catering to their pace, mindset, and providing them with the best that the market can offer. Of course, I have had my share of highs and lows within this field; however, only through being in this line of work, I have learned how to be extremely patient and also when to reach out to my mentors for guidance. Now I know from my past experiences that both highs and lows are temporary, so I believe in living in the present and giving my best every day. 

The pandemic changed the course of all our lives, including the nature of our work. During the pandemic, even though I was working on certain transactions, I soon realized that the market during and post-pandemic was going to take a drastic shift. Within two years, the entire course of the market had changed and as we resumed work post-pandemic, the market we all were catering to no longer existed. 

Hence, I decided to launch Pratham Housing Investments, a one-stop solution for all current Real Estate requirements. At PHI, we cater to acquiring and managing property portfolios. We have done JV Transactions and outright Land Transactions where we have been by the Client’s side for over a year through the changing terms and policies made by the Government.  

Nevertheless, all our past transactions have been a smooth flow throughout, and our Clients have had the utmost satisfaction after the deals concluded. We not only have got our transaction fees but also have been awarded the Projects for Sole Selling, and that’s one example of our foundation of relationships with our Clients.


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Mr. Yash Bhatia 

Founder of Pratham Housing Investments


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