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Khushboo Jain

Soul Reading and Healing 

Alternative Healing Methods are becoming increasingly popular for those feeling stuck in their Personal or Professional Lives. 

I am a Soul Reader who can help Clients overcome fear, anxiety, insomnia, emotional and mental issues, limiting beliefs, financial crisis, relationship, marriage, family issues and lack of direction. Her services are particularly useful for those in the Real Estate Business struggling with property-related issues.

Soul Reading and Healing is a unique form of Alternative Healing that goes beyond Physical or Energetic Healing. It involves Healing at the Soul level, which can have a profound impact on every aspect of our lives, including physical health, mental wellbeing, emotional state and spiritual growth. 

I am a gifted psychic and intuitive Healer who can tap into the secrets held within a person’s Soul, which can help to heal and transform every aspect of their life, including their business and financial dealings. I can connect with their spirit guides and receive channelled guidance, visions, and messages that can help them navigate the situation with more ease and success. 

I help people in the Real Estate Business who are struggling with limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that are holding them back. By connecting with their Soul Energy, I can help them to release these blockages and achieve greater success in their business. 

In addition, I can provide insight and guidance to those facing financial difficulties, as well as individuals and couples navigating relationship issues, like marriage and family problems. For those feeling lost or directionless, I can help them find their purpose and focus their energy on achieving their goals. 

To sum it up, I am a skilled and compassionate Healer who can help Clients overcome any obstacles that are holding them back in life. Through Soul Reading and Healing, I can help unlock their true potential and live their best lives.  

If you are struggling with fear, anxiety, insomnia, limiting beliefs, financial crisis, relationship problems or lack of direction, please feel free to contact Me.


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Ms. Khushboo Jain

Owner, Enlightenment

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